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Shannon Lowery

BY RACHEL JOI - @RachelJoi

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I bring to you RACHELJOI X MUD 

The next best thing in western fashion!

I am SO STOKED over these Bobby pins!
I came to Shannon (@mudlowery) in November with this idea in my head after searching the internet & pawn shops high & low for ‘turquoise Bobby pins’ & ‘concho Bobby pins’ and any and everything you can type into the internet with them terms turquoise & hair associated. I came up with nothing. There were beautiful turquoise hair combs, and beautiful turquoise hair clips, but I never found turquoise Bobby pins. I knew I was onto something! I was inspired by Versace’s gold Bobby pins they had for release this spring. So I reached out to Shannon with this crazy idea, and he LOVED it too, and ran with it & made them better then I had imagined! The most beautiful turquoise & silver Bobby pins you’ve ever seen!

What I love about these Bobby pins is that they are literally the most versatile thing for our western fashion industry! Not only can I wear them in my hair in numerous hair styles & dress my fashion up that way, I can add it to my hat band & I have an automatic hat pin, I can slide it over a plain silver band of mine & Instantly I have another beautiful ring, I can add it to the lapels of my jacket and now I have a beautiful turquoise pin on my jacket. Honestly I can think of 15 other ways to accessorize this turquoise bobby pin but you get it. The possibilities are insane, and I’m so excited to see what can be done with them! I love how they dress up the simplest hairstyles to make it look so beautiful. And add the most beautiful pop to my hats. The subtle beauty of these bring so much to the table.


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  • Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful!!


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