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Something Old, New, Borrowed and Royston Blue.

Shannon Lowery

“I am so thankful for everyone who has asked me to create something blue that they can wear on their big day.” - Mud 

I have decided that I am Mud’s biggest fan (move over Sterling @buddylovesterling), so I feel it is quite fitting that I get to write a blog for his website! It is also a fabulous or creepy-ish coincidence that as I am sitting here writing this I am wearing not one but TWO Mud designs…a pair of “Mud Studs” his classic small turquoise stud earrings named by Lady Warbonnet herself. Plus Lazy J Ranch T-shirt that I modeled the day I actually met Mud in Fort Worth, Texas…okay this is creepy let’s move on…I’m a fan not a stalker I swear.

But we are not here to talk about Mud & I’s fashionable friendship. We are here to talk about how Mud is the new man you want to make your wedding day jewels. Some are calling him the western Harry Winston…(me…it’s me…I’m calling him that.) One of the biggest days of your life should be adorned with the most fabulous jewelry you can find, something that fits you and your personality, but also is made with care, it is a classic piece that you’ll forever look back on wearing on one of the best days of your life. That my friends is a piece by Mud. No matter the wedding from black tie, western-glam to boho chic, Mud jewelry can find its perfect place at a wedding.

“For me, one of the best days of my life was my wedding day. My wife put so much work into planning the whole day and picked out everything so that  it could be as special as possible. To think that someone is picking my jewelry for their wedding day  is so exciting and reminds me of when we got married.” - Mud 
Instagram: @Golly_Miss_Mali and @Abbyherndonphotography
 Instagram: @RachelCheyenne_

“Seeing my customers in their jewelry and wedding dresses with their husbands gives me so much pride and appreciation for this talent God has gifted me.” - Mud
Instagram: @Klooney_22 and @Laurencrosephotography  
Instagram: @Klooney_22 and @Laurencrosephotography

Although they do come to Mud for “something blue” aka turquoise Mud’s jewelry is not limited to just that iconic stone, his favorite piece actually was as white as the bride’s beautiful dress.

“One of my favorite pieces I’ve made is this pair of White Buffalo earrings for one of my customers, Heidi (@Heidipageee). She picked the style and stones and I ran with it. She also wanted a floating ring to match. Seeing her with them on in her wedding photos was so rewarding.” - Mud
Instagram: @Klooney_22 and @Laurencrosephotography

If you’ve been following Mud you know that everyone (including me) fights the masses to get a hold of his collaboration with Rachel Joi every time he puts an update out in his shop. They are the gorgeous turquoise bobby pins that have all the western fashionistas banging at Mud’s door. They can be used pretty much anywhere, not just your hair. From hat bands to stuck right on the collar of a denim jacket, and anywhere in between…but maybe the best place is a wedding at sunset in the hair of a blushing bride.
Instagram: @Laurenbforst
Instagram: @Laurenbforst
“I think the bobby pins I do with Rachel Joi have been super popular for wedding because they are so versatile. You hear people spending so much money on something for their wedding day that they can only wear once. You can wear the bobby pins everyday. In your hair, on a hat band, on a chain. The list goes on.” - Mud
Instagram: @Heidipageee
Instagram: @HeidiPageee and @Jennifernicole_photography
Instagram: @Laurenbforst
Instagram: @Laurenbforst

You’ll never want to forget the small details on your wedding day, and when you are wearing something from Mud trust me you won’t…neither will anyone else.

“For me, there is no greater compliment than someone asking you to make something for them to wear for their wedding.” - Mud
 “Do everything in love.”-1 Corinthians 16:14
Instagram: @HeidiPageee 
Dear Sierra,
Thanks so much for your friendship.
Thank you for writing this entry.
Thank you for being the best. 
-Shannon Lowery
Instagram: @Sierra_raeagram

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