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I would say Haiti has changed me life in more ways than I can explain. The biggest changes it has made in my life is that I now see life in a more precious way. I have learned to appreciate the little things that I commonly took for granted like drinking clean water, sleeping in clean clothes or even on a comfortable bed. It has taught me to think different about what is more important in my life like putting family before hobbies. Haiti has taught me to love my brothers and sisters with more intention and to be present in my relationships.                                             
In Haiti, I witnessed a huge city that looked up to one man. Pastor Albert holds so much respect among the people in Cap Haitian. I see people look to him for answers and through his loyalty to P4H we are associated with that same respect. Through the training center we are building a partnership in a completely new community and I am excited to see how this impacts the generations that are growing up with us." -Shannon Lowery

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